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    RHYTHM MACHINE at Summerhall

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    1 December 23:30 - 02 December 03:30
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  • RHYTHM MACHINE returns to Summerhall for it's final outing of 2017. Featuring art work from Andy Grace Hayes and New-New Wave Music from Francis Dosoo & Yves.

    *Our coverage is not limited by homogenous, normalised or monolithic structures , our signal reaches well beyond these borders. Our sphere of influence overlaps into a minutiae of microcosms that expand and dilate to create and construct multifarious, progressive and equally calibrated systems. These give rise to the incubation of hopeful glimmers, sparse but overwhelmingly present in the collective conscious of this new atmosphere.*

    Rhythm Machine strongly believes in the value of co-operation & self expression and aims to create a safe space for all those in attendance.

    Tickets £6 available at www.summerhall.co.uk