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    Dallahan and Jenna Moynihan & Màiri Chaimbeul

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    19 November 19:30 - 20 November 07:30
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  • Dallahan

    Dallahan is one of the most thrilling forces in the international folk music scene; heavily rooted in traditional Irish music, but with hugely diverse backgrounds and influences. They call on their mixed Irish, Scottish and Hungarian heritage to create a unique and seamless musical montage, drawing in influences from jazz, funk, pop and classical music. Dallahan will push and pull you along on a musical journey, artistically transcending from tender and delicate songs from Transylvania, to relentlessly punchy Irish dance tunes littered with funk grooves and everything in between.

    Jenna Moynihan & Màiri Chaimbeul

    Jenna from New York & Màiri from the Isle of Skye combine to make contemporary music rooted in the melodies of Scotland and Appalachia. The pair met in 2012 whilst studying at Berklee College of Music and are a product of the thriving and rich Boston music community. Jenna and Màiri have both been heavily steeped in tradition, but their music breathes new life into old tunes and merges their wide-ranging influences into a sound that is at once grounded and adventurous. Their debut album, “One Two” was released in April 2017.

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