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    Bedroom|Beth Shapeero

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    28 July 18:00 - 23:00
    Beth Shapeero

    ART PARK Project Space
    1st-31st July
    Closing event Friday 28th July, 6-8pm

    Bedroom is an exhibition/residency taking place in the Project Space at ART PARK (House for an Art Lover) by Beth Shapeero.
    During the month of July an uncanny, show room style bedroom/studio is presented which acts as a workspace and a space where visitors are welcomed to get involved in the ideas, exploration and production of work taking place.
    The works explore the relationship between the abstract nature of dreams and abstraction in visual art and how we can play with the edges of meaning, whether using narrative or a visual sense of understanding. Painterly works that have skin like
    surfaces have a sense of containment and fluidity, mirrored in the dream narratives. The dream recordings and the staged bedroom present an uncertainty of what is genuine and what is staged, how much performance and editing goes into relaying a dream? How real is the surface? How much do we display? Tension, yearning, what is controlled and what can be contained are at the centre of the work, yet, they are an abstracted reality, filled with uncertainty and enigma.

    Throughout the residency Beth will be producing new 2D and 3D works, experimenting with different making techniques,
    abstraction and narrative to explore the relationship between these works. Viewers are encouraged to come in, relax on the bed whilst listening to dreams and record their own recollected dreams which then become part of the installation.


    This project has been generously supported by Creative Scotland.