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    King Creosote: Independent Venue Week

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    3 February 19:00 - 22:00
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    This is the first show to be announced as part of a week of top notch programming running Jan 29 til Feb 4.

    Tom Joshua and Annie Booth are also playing, get down early to discover how good they are.

    Independent Venue Week is a UK-wide celebration of grassroots music venues like Sneaky Pete's. Expect to see amazing acts you've never seen before alongside more celebrated musicians, all here to show how passionate they are about their quality independent local venue.

    Clubs like Sneaky Pete's perform a vital role as the research and development arm of the UK's music industry, helping to break new acts, and they are also centres of excellence for niche acts too. So you might see the next Mumford and Sons here, but you might also see someone very special like Bob Log III, who is world class, bats**t, and also absolutely suited to a 100 capacity venue like ours.

    We do it without any funding except your ticket and bar sales, and believe us these are challenging times for independent venues, so please use this week as your excuse to support your friendly local nightclub and music venue.

    We exist for you and we exist because of you!