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    Kids Teacher Training - 40 Hours

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    31 July 09:00 - 11:00
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  • Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course

    This children’s yoga teacher training course, led by Toni Westaway, will equip you with the knowledge and skills to share the light of yoga with children and teens in your community and classrooms. Toni has been guiding children through the principles of yoga since 2009.

    Childhood is a time of vibrancy, creativity and natural curiosity – a perfect time for kids to explore how their bodies and minds function, and to learn how to nurture a calm and contented mind.

    Learn how to use the traditional yoga asana, pranayama and mindfulness techniques to:

    Build strong and flexible bodies

    Teach relaxation techniques

    Improve focus and concentration

    Increase learning potential

    Improve balance and coordination

    Increase body and spatial awareness

    Develop self-assuredness, confidence and self-expression

    Sharpen and expand awareness

    Help children to cope with the stress of modern living effectively

    Course structure

    1.Yoga Practice and techniques

    In order to teach effectively, it is required that we practice. An important part of any yoga teacher’s toolkit is her own personal practice. This course will include daily yoga practice sessions that will focus on:

    Personal practice principles
    Sound applied biomechanics for a safe yoga practice
    Most popular yoga asana you will use in children’s yoga classes
    Age-appropriate yoga postures, pranayama, relaxation and meditation
    The benefits and contraindications of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation
    The art of adjustments and the power of healing touch for children
    Asana-based movement, games and activities
    2.Teaching children: focus on yoga by development stage

    Study and understanding childhood development stages from 2 to 16. This section will focus specifically on:

    Anatomy and physiology

    Cognitive and emotional development

    Energy systems (chakras, nadis and prana)

    Learn how to apply stage-appropriate yoga themes, asana, pranayama and mindfulness exercises

    3.Teaching children: methods for success

    Teaching methodology will vary from one stage to another. Learn:

    How to create age-appropriate lesson plans

    Effective communication skills using songs, stories and creative expression

    Group-management skills

    Integrate yoga into the classroom.

    4.Yoga philosophy

    Modern yoga is underpinned by a deep philosophy. Learn and understand the fundamental yoga philosophy principles, and how they relate to children and teaching yoga to children. Learn fundamental Sanskrit mantras, what they mean and how they apply in a children’s yoga setting.


    This part of the course is all about the application of the theory:

    Building your own lesson-plan library

    Observing and assisting in classes

    Teaching classes

    You will be required to build lesson plans and teach them during the contact hours with Toni and supplement this with self-study hours.

    Requirements of certification

    Your certificate will be issued based on the completion of the following:

    90% attendance at the course

    Submission of 5 lesson plans

    Teaching 5 lessons (minimum of 45 minutes), submitting an accompanying teaching log

    Submission of yoga philosophy essay

    Submission of anatomy and physiology essay

    Submission of your personal practice log (3 x 1 hour practice sessions)

    Yoga Bio:

    Toni's love affair with yoga began when she found a faded piece of paper with some yoga postures and exercises on it.

    Even back then, with little guidance and only a rudimentary idea of what she was supposed to be doing, Toni discovered that the power of yoga lies in its ability to transform your perspective, habits and mental state - for the better.

    Her approach to yoga is this: that the function of yoga asana is to bring about an awareness of connection within yourself, in a way that is playful, curious and challenging at the same time. She teaches and practices with careful consideration of sound anatomic and physiotherapy principles to ensure that your yoga asana practice is safe and balanced.

    She completed her first yoga teacher training in 2008 with Jim Harrington. Since then she has advanced her studies with Jim Harrington, Simon Borg-Olivier, Shimon Ben Avi, Raghavendra Adiga-ji and Budokon University. She teaches yoga asana, meditation, yoga philosophy and Budokon Yoga.