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    C2. The Power of the Harp! With Abigail Cavanagh, Heather Yule & Clasaagh

  • When
    31 March 15:00 - 19:00
  • **All school age children learning to play clarsach are invited to take part in this event. To register, visit www.harpfestival.co.uk**

    A special concert presented by children and young people, featuring Abigail Cavanagh (Royal National Mòd prizewinner) Claasagh from the Isle of Man and schoolchildren from all over Scotland.

    In a story written and narrated by Heather Yule, the young performers will help Jack in his quest to restore beautiful music to the kingdom where terrible silence reigns. Come along with them on this thrilling adventure to distant, magical lands, and be prepared to meet evil creatures and frightful monsters on the way!

    Abigail Cavanagh from Glasgow will play a selection of Gaelic and Scottish music.

    Claasagh, a group of young players from the Isle of Man, will play some of their own traditional music under the direction of Rachel Hair : Harp Player.