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    Mediterraneo: Cinema & Musica! Assunta Spina Film & Live Score

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    12 May 20:30 - 13 May 01:00
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  • Edinburgh very own wild world music concert series, Mediterraneo, is back with a huge, special live cinema and music edition this spring!

    After sold out nights of dancing and music over the last five years, this huge edition will have a very special screening of 1915 silent film Assunta Spina, with a brand new score performed live from The Badwills. All followed by two mighty sets of foot stomping dancing tunes first from gypsy jazz maestros Viper Swing and wild southern Italian folk music from The Badwills.

    £12 for film and concert - starting at 8.30pm
    £8 for concert only - starting at 10pm until 1am

    “Five stars… not to be missed” Edinburgh Festivals Magazine.

    Presented in association with Nothing Ever Happens Here, Glasgow Film Festival, A Kind of Seeing, and the Folk Film Gathering.

    Full Line up details:

    Assunta Spina with Live Score from The Badwills

    1915, Italy, Dir: Francesca Bertini, Gustavo Serena, 61min.

    Passion! Jealousy! Revenge! A rare screening of vintage Italian silent film Assunta Spina, with a furious new score performed live by The Badwills, Scotland’s own southern Italian folk music merchants. Filmed on the streets of Naples in 1915, Assunta Spina stars Francesca Bertini, one of Italian cinema’s greatest ‘silent diva’ actresses smouldering on-screen as she’s torn between the men who can’t control her passions. The performance will be fresh from its premiere with the Glasgow Film Festival, and will feature the rarely seen, beautifully restored Cineteca di Bologna version of the film.

    Viper Swing

    Taking us to the streets of 1920s Paris, Viper Swing are one of Scotland’s leading gypsy Jazz groups, with hot club fiddle, guitars, and double bass, and the spirit of Django Reinhardt flowing through them.

    The Badwills

    Topping off the night, and firing up your dancing feet will be Mediterraneo’s hosts, The Badwills, returning to the stage to bring you the wildest tambourine fuelled pizzica, tarantella and tammurriata from the South of Italy. The six piece group will take you right to the heart of the Mediterranean, opening a window on the lights and shadows, glory and madness of the South of Italy. Let the spider bite, let the dancing begin!