• 204

    Burning Shadows Prerelease #2

  • When
    22 July 15:00 - 18:00
  • £25 Admission
    Price Includes entry to games hub.
    Pay entry fee at the counter.

    Each player will receive a player kit, these kits will include:
    4x Sun & Moon:Burning Shadows booster packs
    1x 22 preselected cards pack
    1x Random promo card
    1x help sheet

    Players will then be able to lend energy cards from the league to construct their 40 card decks.

    At the end of the tournament each player will also receive:
    3x Sun and Moon: Burning Shadows Booster packs as prizes

    There will be another Prerelease on Saturday 22nd July at11am and Sunday 23rd at 11am

    This tournament is suitable for all skill levels and a great way to learn the game in a more level playing field