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    Umfang (Discwoman) at Juice

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    7 December 23:00 - 08 December 02:00
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  • Like your techno fast, weird, relentlessly funky, acidy, industrial, and played by a stone cold girl bo$$ who gives no fuxxs at all? Course you do.

    Umfang first caught our attention with a slowly melting techno tape on 1080p, and its follow up Symbolic Use Of Light which is a shimmering but scratched synth revelation. The Umfang DJ set is a totally different beast though, she goes Tough to make you Move.

    Umfang co-founded the Discwoman DJ agency to empower female DJs and the agency's message has since reached a global audience (crowned with a weird moment when Bon Iver wore an eye-catching Discwoman t-shirt at Coachella - who'da known he loved underground techno so much?).

    She holds a monthly residency Technofeminism at Bossa Nova Civic Club focusing on emerging talent and an affection for vinyl.

    Recent highlight appearances include a 7 hour open to close set at Hott Mass Pittsburgh, her debut at Berghain, an extended set at De School Amsterdam, Corsica Studios London, Kaiku Helsinki, Brutaz Warsaw, closing the first night of Sustain Release Year III, and an intimate set at Video Club in Bogotá.