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    Apeiron Crew at Wasabi Disco

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    16 December 23:00 - 17 December 02:00
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  • Tis the season for cool girls to play techno.

    Apeiron Crew - aka Mama Snake, Smokey, and Solid Blake - have gone from throwing intimate, friends-and-family parties in their native Copenhagen to gigging across the continent as one of Europe’s most in-demand DJ collectives.

    Playing three way b2b sets that wile out into the brittle edged corners of techno but still lift the roof with freakout euphoric party jams, Apeiron don’t mess.

    Individually, the Apeiron members are equally busy - Mama Snake heads up the rave-indebted imprint Ectotherm alongside Courtesy, whilst Solid Blake releases under her own alias as well as collaboratively with Ctrls as Historical Repeater, and Smokey is in the process of finishing a BA in spatial design.

    This is a go-hard don’t-miss Wasabi special edition.

    Advance Tickets are a fiver.