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    Setting the Scene for Playfair

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    4 November 14:00 - 18:00
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  • William Henry Playfair (1790-1857) is one of Edinburgh’s beat known architects, and his skills in designing buildings, monuments and town planning can be readily seen today. But, did Georgian Edinburgh influence his work? The planning and building of the first New Town, South Bridge and Leith were three major undertakings dominating planning and construction from the 1760s on. The architect of the New Town plan was James Craig (1739 -1795). This talk will set the scene for Playfair’s work by placing it into the context of an earlier Edinburgh architect with some influential ideas and friends.

    Dr Anthony Lewis was born, raised and educated in Edinburgh but found work in Glasgow. He is currently curator of Scottish history for Glasgow Museums. In 2006 he completed his PhD on the builders of Edinburgh New Town, 1767-1795 at Edinburgh University, and in 2014 he saw his book bearing the same title published.

    Free but booking essential, to book contact the City Art Centre reception on 0131 529 3993.