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    Family Show: Jango Starr- One Man Shoe

  • When
    8 April 14:00 - 17:00
  • Part of Puppet Animation Festival

    ​When the headline act fails to show up, Jango, a bumbling theatre caretaker, is suddenly thrust into the limelight and embarks on an hilarious journey of highly crafted and heart-felt silent comedy as he magically finds his way to realise his dream of transforming into a star!

    Jango Starr's unique style of silent physical theatre includes contemporary circus clowning, slapstick comedy, puppetry, juggling and absurd magic, bringing laughter and joy to children of all ages!

    MacArts is thrilled to welcome Jango back again- advisable to book ahead!

    "Jango Starr's flair and expertise captivates- we're knocked out by him!" ****(four stars)

    "An audience favourite that appeals to all ages" **** (four stars) -EVENING NEWS

    "This hapless clown manages to make the most simple procedures laughably complex" ****(four stars)

    "naturally gifted performer who makes intricately physical routines seem effortless. The performance was never less than impressive, the kids loved every minute."

    Ages 5+

    £6 Kids/Concession
    £8 Adults
    £25 Family